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Purchased a vehicle from Saxton in April. Despite having over a week to prepare the vehicle it was not ready in time - no MOT, no Tax, no fuel. Is this a deliberate ploy so that when eventually it eventually turns up you just want to get out of there. That was a mistake as when I had travelled the 200 miles home I had a quick look around the vehicle, prompted by one of the wiper blades parting company from its arm when I hit the first patch of rain.

Only one key, no parcel shelf, tools, warning triangle or ashtray bins. On checking the tyre pressure all were different and below the manufactures recommended. This questions the standards of pre delivery inspections.

When trying to contact Saxton the sales man was never available and did not return calls. As I am in the forces and out of the country frequently a phone call is often not an option but Saxton do not reply to email.

After considerasble effort I managed to get through and was promised a parcel shelf would be delivered within 3 days. When it had not arrived 2 weeks later a further call revealed that they had not even sent one. Tried again but still no parcel shelf and still no answer to email.

Avoid this company, I would rather deal with the Taliban - at least they are honest not liars and thieves like Saxton. Happy to sell you a car but not able to provide any customer service.

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